Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hip, hip, hooray Elmo birthday card

Yesterday my niece Chloe turned 2. This little ball of energy is totally in love with Elmo. So what other choice did I have but to make her an Elmo birthday card. I liked the image of Elmo, from the Sesame Street Friends Cricut cartridge jumping and clicking his heels. It gave me the feeling of Elmo celebrating. My dilemma though was how to make it feel like he was jumping up in the air in celebration. The solution was to use his image as a pop up card. I'm happy with how he turned out for a first time effort.  I used a double thickness of popdots on the "2" for more dimension. I also used different thicknesses of popdots on the front of card to make the hip and hooray stand out too. After taking these photos and looking closely at them I realized that even though the front had dimension because of the popdots, it still looked flat to me. I then took a white gel pen and drew doodle dots on the letters. It was a big improvement but unfortunately I was running late and didn't take another photo. Maybe I'll ask my SIL to send one to me.

Look at the BD cake my brother decorated for his little girl. Now THAT is sweet!!

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