Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another learning lesson

Another learning lesson in card making today. The second bit of homework from the Clean & Simple 3 card class was to try a graffiti card which involves a bit of layered die cutting and stamping. I do not have many dies, only a few snowflakes, but I do have a Cricut Expression and umpteen cartridges. So I tackled this assignment with those tools.
My Cricut mat was too sticky which made taking the card off the mat very challenging. The card got creased and some of the smaller pieces ripped so I had to glue them back together.
I would not give this card to someone but I love the technique I now I know what precautions I will need to take with the next one. I also think that I must purchase some dies- Thank you Clean & Simple card class for giving me a reason to go shopping :)
This card looks a bit bare and not grounded, I think I need to alter this perhaps a frame around the graffiti may work or maybe some shapes or banner stamps like some other students have used.

I think it looks better with more stamping. There are a couple flaws such as a blue mark beside the blue hearts, a pink mark at the bottom of the card, and the big one- I mis-stamped lipstick lips so I had to stamp it again and I did not line it up perfectly. Oh well this is just a practice card for learning a technique.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your "learning lessons." i wish I could "fix" my mistakes as well as you do! I usually have to send them to the trash.